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Vinyl Flooring

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At Naperville Flooring Pros, we pride ourselves on our versatile expertise. We’re able to help with the installation, repair, and refinishing of a broad range of flooring materials and compositions – and one of the service requests that we’re increasingly tasked with relates to vinyl flooring. More and more people throughout the United States are recognizing the value and utility that’s accessible through the use of vinyl floors, and we’re more than happy to assist them with the installation of this flooring type. Our considerable service experience sets us apart as the obvious, sensible choice for these situations – and all you need to do to start the process is reach out to our customer service representatives. If you’d still like more information on the advantages of vinyl floors, as well as more details on our service quality, then read on below.

Vinyl Compositions

It’s important to remember that a vinyl floor can be constructed from a few different types of vinyl flooring compositions. Generally speaking, these are split into three categories: vinyl sheets, vinyl planks, and vinyl tiles. There are some benefits associated with each of these material compositions, but they’re relatively similarly effective in their function. Experts largely consider vinyl planks and tiles as the higher quality options for people that want the best for their property – though they also tend to be a little more expensive than sheets. We can help you to decide which option might fit your property best.

Adaptable Aesthetics

One of the considerable advantages of using vinyl flooring is that you get access to a wide range of aesthetic options and possibilities. Many vinyl styles and aesthetics are intended to replicate other materials – like wood and stone, for example – and that gives you access to a visual that might not be attainable to you otherwise. If you’re not planning on mimicking another material, there are plenty of other aesthetic options and patterns to choose from. We’re confident that you’ll find something that fits your practical and visual tastes.

Practical Performance

Vinyl is heralded as a wonderful flooring option for properties in both residential and commercial settings – and one of the reasons for this is the undoubted practical quality that is available with such installations. Vinyl flooring is hard wearing, easily putting up with heavy foot traffic even after years of use, and in the case that it does become damaged or blemished, it’s typically easy to repair – particularly if you have a plank or tile installation in your property.

Installations and Repairs

At Naperville Flooring Pros, we’re prepared to assist you with the installation and repair of vinyl floors as and when we’re needed. For our seasoned flooring contractors, the installation process is relatively straightforward, regardless of whether or not we’re dealing with a vinyl plank set up, or something else. While repair issues aren’t expected, it’s possible that damage could take place in unforeseen circumstances – if that happens, we have the means and the experience to deal with the repair work to get your property back on track.

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