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Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

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Hardwood floors are incredibly popular throughout the United States. This is largely because they have such a fantastic aesthetic, but it’s also because they’re a practical addition to any property – raising the valuation of the building at the same time. Of course, most flooring installations don’t last forever, and you might think that this is the case with wood floors too, but that’s where hardwood flooring refinishing comes in. This process can boost the lifespan of your wood floor considerably, adding unbelievable value to your initial investment at the same time. At Naperville Flooring Pros, we’ve carried out hardwood floor refinishing procedures hundreds of times, so we’re more than capable of getting your floor into an even better condition. You can learn more about the refinishing process, and just why it’s such a wonderful service for people with hardwood flooring, by reading further below.

What is Hardwood Flooring Refinishing?

So, what exactly is the hardwood floor refinishing process, and why is it so impactful? In short, this process involves our flooring contractors cleaning down the hardwood installation in your property, before extensively and comprehensively sanding down its surface to remove marks and imperfections that might have accumulated over the years. We do this with both mechanical sanders and manual sanding techniques. Once the sanding process is completed, protective stains and treatments can be applied to the floor to ensure it has the bolstered protection needed to continue lasting for the years ahead. The exact nature of the refinishing process can obviously vary depending on the specific hardwood floor that’s being treated.

Restoring Visuals

We’ve already mentioned that hardwood floors are partly popular because of the class and elegance that they infuse in any property that they’re present in, but that can be diminished if the floors become blemished, marked, and chipped. You can drastically improve the visual quality of your installation by using our refinishing service. You’ll once more have a seamless, flawless surface that is sure to impress anybody that visits your property.

Adding Value

You’ll have spent quite a bit of cash on the installation of your hardwood floor, unless you had the great fortune of inheriting it when you moved into your property, and that means that you’re going to want to get the most from your investment. Because the refinishing process can dramatically lengthen the lifespan of your installation, it actually offers substantial value, because it means that you’re not going to need to replace the installation any time soon. This refinishing process can be carried out multiple times too, so the extension goes on and on.

Avoiding Repairs

Small chips and marks might not be something that you’re particularly concerned about, but even if you’re not the houseproud type, these are things you need to pay attention to. If you allow these imperfections to remain, they could develop into more severe issues later down the line. By taking on a refinishing procedure proactively, you can avoid having to pay for more expensive repairs in the future.

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