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Hardwood Flooring Install

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Hardwood floors have been around for countless years at this point, and they still represent the pinnacle of interior flooring materials for many people. They offer an array of significant practical benefits, and of course, their beauty and visual quality is undiminished even now. At Naperville Flooring Pros, we’re happy to help with the installation of hardwood floors in both residential and commercial properties for our customers across the Naperville, Illinois area. If you’re planning on installing a new hardwood floor, it’s critical that you use an experienced and reputable hardwood installation service, as the materials that will be used are going to be worth thousands of dollars – the last thing you want is for somebody to make a mistake! Our rock solid track record sets us apart as the obvious choice for these activities. Find out more about the service we provide and the prices you can expect to pay by reading on below.

Hardwood and Engineered Wood Floors

When you make the decision to install hardwood flooring in your property, it’s worth remembering that you actually have the option to go with a couple of subcategories. Genuine hardwood flooring is constructed completely out of hardwood, as the name suggests. Engineered hardwood flooring has a plywood layer underneath the hardwood surface. Many people still prefer genuine hardwood floors, but engineered wood floors are typically more affordable, and they have some practical qualities relating to moisture and heat resistance, that make them a great option. We’re equally happy installing both of these choices.

Styles and Grades

Hardwood comes in many different grades and styles – even within a specific category of wood – and which one you go with will have a considerable impact on the upkeep and aesthetic that you have to deal with. Each type of wood will have its distinct advantages and drawbacks, and of course, they’ll vary in terms of cost too. Oak, walnut, maple, hickory, and cherry are all common, popular choices, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re happy to help with the installation of any of these varieties of wood for your benefit.

Unrivalled Elegance and Beauty

The number one reason that people make the decision to install hardwood floors in their properties is that they look fantastic. The elegant, luxurious aesthetic of hardwood is impossible to beat, and suitable for any type of property, and any interior space across the property. The supplied aesthetic is simply timeless – it never becomes dated or out of style – so that means that you’re not going to need to replace it due to changing trends in the future. This could be a floor for life!

Increasing Valuations

There are many significant practical and visual benefits to adding wood floors to your property, and these are all more than enough to go with that course of action. But another worthwhile consideration is the effect that adding wood flooring will have on the valuation of your property. This is an aspirational feature that many potential home buyers will want, and they’re willing to pay more to get it. Yet another feather in the cap for hardwood flooring!

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